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Paraplegic Desert Driver

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Building the Off Road Community Final Episode: Runnit RaceKart

The off road community is innovative. In fact, the entire community is defined by the ability to innovate. The off road community is made up of inventors in the most classic sense: they tinker with engines and gears. Andrew Blood, the founder of Runnit Racing, is one of these inventors. His contribution to the off […]

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Blood Brothers Foundation

Blood Brothers Foundation is a Colorado-based 501(c)3 founded in 2012 by Andrew Blood. Our vision for the future is accessibility for all. We hope to accomplish this through our mission of restoring freedom, mobility, and independence on the road. Blood Brothers Foundation provides vehicle modifications, such as hand controls and chair lifts, to people living with a physical disability.

Runnit Racing in partnership with Blood Brothers foundation is building a Race & Test Track to facilitate the Blood Brothers Foundation driving program.

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