Building the Off Road Community Episode 2: Mountain Biking

Building the Off Road Community Episode 2: Mountain Biking

June, 18th, 2019 at 1:06 pm

At the Sand Flats Recreation Area in Moab, Utah, dirt bikers and mountain bikers share the road. Jeeps, full of both tourists and veterans of the off road community, growl and scrape over the rocks. This location is a unique area where all the different types of people who engage in the off road community meet. The land is too beautiful not to share with everyone who wishes to frolic on the red sandstone!

Chloe B. and Mountain Biking

Chloe B., the Program Coordinator of Runnit Racing’s affiliate Blood Brothers Foundation, is a beginning mountain biker. One of her first introductions to the off road motor vehicle community was through her work with Andrew Blood. In her private life, around the same time as she started her job, she began mountain biking. She is currently riding a Diamondback Recoil.

Chloe’s work as program coordinator links her to the off road community in that her goal is to help make off road adventure accessible to all those who may want to go, regardless of physical ability. Blood Brothers Foundation’s mission is to transform the lives of those living with a physical disability by providing vehicle modifications. As it stands, there are no mainstream stock versions of off road vehicles that are adaptive. For those living with a physical disability, the vehicle must be personalized to the individual. This adaptation can be expensive, which makes it inaccessible to those wishing to jump and roll over the desert rocks. Blood Brothers Foundation addresses this problem.

Personally, Chloe feels that “everyone who goes outside wants the same thing: to keep going outside”. As a mountain biker, Chloe is an active member of a large percentage of the off road community. Her favorite aspect of mountain biking is that “it is one of those special sports where you have to focus completely, to the point of black-out. It pushes your thoughts, whatever is bothering you, to the back of your mind”. This attribute of mountain biking is another connection between all of the sports in the off road community. The focus required for any kind of extreme outdoor sport makes the rest of the world fade away.

It is this comradeship that is the defining feature of the off road community. The best way to contribute to the off road community is to embrace all the different ways that people enjoy the outdoors. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to pick up trash, as Jon T. suggested in his interview (check it out here!)

Mountain biking comes with a built-in sense of community. In Grand Junction, there are restaurants (Handlebar), shops, and festivals (like the Off-Road & Four Peaks Downtown Music Festival) dedicated solely to the sport of mountain biking. Chloe has been to the trails and the shops where “everyone was drinking beer and having a grand ol’ time”.

Events like the Rocky Mountain Off Road Expo with Mesa County Jeep Club cater to the other genres of off road recreation. Let’s be honest though: everyone in the off road community would rather be in the desert, romping up and down the red rocks in the golden sunshine.


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