Camp Runnit 2019: The First of Many to Come

Camp Runnit 2019: The First of Many to Come

October, 4th, 2019 at 4:39 pm

This past weekend, Andy Blood and team hosted the inaugural Camp Runnit in the section of the northern Grand Junction desert known as Runnit Raceway. Camp Runnit is a casual camp out with fun and games including a time trial loop on part of the future course for The Off-Road Race. (more details to come)

Photo: A variety of vehicles showed up to Camp Runnit. Photo Credit: Runnit Racing

Friday consisted of trail marking, pre-running, and campers moving in. Campers even had the opportunity to shoot guns courtesy of Advanced Shooting Analytics. Notable guests at Camp Runnit included Church of Speed Reverend Nicky Flores and Drone Pilot Jessie Pena, Optic Helicopters owner and pilot Derick Bielke and Advanced Shooting Analytics owner John Maguire.

Saturday began with more pre-running and a meeting with drivers before the start of the time trials. The race course was 6.6 miles long with racers starting one by one after the full lap completion of the previous racer. 

Photo: First place winner, Jon Chism. Photo Credit: Church of Speed

Jon Chism took first place with a winning time of 11:48 in his Polaris RZR 1000cc Turbo. 

Jon Turner came in second in the Runnit Racing Alumni Craft Class 1 Pre Runner with a time of 12:43. Hal Blair was third with a time of 15:40 in his Renli 1500cc while Jay Cagle made it in fourth place with a finishing time of 16:17 in his hand control modified RZR. Brandi Blair finished fifth with a final time of 17:22 in her Renli 1500 cc. 

In a fun turn of events, Robert Martinez, who originally started the day using his 1990 Suburban to taxi everyone around, chose to race and finished in sixth with a time of 27 minutes.

Photo: Jon Turner in the Runnit Racing Alumni Craft Class 1 Pre Runner. Photo Credit: Church of Speed

In addition to the six racers, three other drivers came out but ran into some issues which prevented them from completing or starting the time trials.

Andy Blood raced in his hand control modified RZR, but snapped both rear axels and did not finish.

Shelby Bates raced in his ‘83 Ranger but unfortunately experienced some overheating issues and did not finish.

Todd Gabriel brought his Baja Bug out for some fun after having it sit for a couple years, but faced motor issues during the first round of pre-running and did not start.

Photo: The beginning of the track at Camp Runnit. Photo Credit: Runnit Racing

The fun didn’t stop with time trials- at the end of the day, Camp Runnit ended with a BBQ provided by The Ribber Catering and a bonfire. Thanks to everyone involved, the first ever Camp Runnit was a success! We would like to give a special thanks to the following:

  • Hal Blair for the use of his tractor and all the time he put into preparing camping spaces and cleaning up the road.
  • Commercial Refuse Services for providing our dumpster and port-a-potty to ensure we keep our desert clean.
  • Todd Gabriel for his generous donation to Blood Brothers Foundation.
  • Everyone who came out and supported Camp Runnit.
  • Our Sponsors: Runnit CNC, RaceMapps, and Blood Brothers Foundation.

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