Building the Off Road Community Final Episode: Runnit RaceKart

Building the Off Road Community Final Episode: Runnit RaceKart

July, 17th, 2019 at 11:27 am

The off road community is innovative. In fact, the entire community is defined by the ability to innovate. The off road community is made up of inventors in the most classic sense: they tinker with engines and gears. Andrew Blood, the founder of Runnit Racing, is one of these inventors. His contribution to the off road community- besides being an advocate for the community itself and building a local desert race track– is the Runnit RaceKart.

The Runnit RaceKart is a single-seat off road vehicle. It is compatible with almost any engine. Potentially, you could get up to 600 horsepower. The defining feature of this off road vehicle is the control that the driver has. As Andrew says, the single seat design allows “the driver to have full feeling of the vehicle”.

The story of the birth of the Runnit RaceKart is classic and simple. A few years ago, one of Andy’s friends pointed the car out to him online. The picture that they saw came from Europe. After seeing that picture, Andy wanted to “build a smaller version that was quicker”. Because of the unique capabilities of these slim vehicles, drivers can push the limits of off roading.

Although the idea came from Europe, the initial designs came from Yamaha (which is a Japanese company). Yamaha provided the hoop, which is a small section of the design. From there, Andy expanded the width of the design and shortened the height so that the vehicle would better fit a person who is a little bigger or has any physical disabilities. Ultimately, the goal is “to build a kart that a person with a disability could hop in and control with whatever ability they have”. It took eight months to get the design finalized and then a complete year before the chassis was finished.

The Runnit RaceKart is more than just a chassis, it is a movement. There are going to be new leagues and “a whole bunch of things going on with the RaceKart. The excitement is building”. Another aspect of these karts that is noteworthy, besides their maneuverability, is their adaptive nature. They will be outfitted with adaptive features such as clutch-less engines (it will run with either a twist throttle or a push/pull set-up) and wing doors, so that getting in and out of the vehicle is easier. Although these adaptations are available, they are not mandatory. The Runnit RaceKart is a blank canvas that the driver can decorate at his will.

The best part? Runnit Racing is giving away the files “because we want to make it an open source market for all”.

The Runnit RaceKart is a wonderful example of innovation contributing to the off road community. Andy says that the off road community is “family-orientated”, and like a family, we share things. Similar to the other voices in this article-series, Andy feels that the “off road community is a family of people who enjoy the same sounds, feelings, and experiences. We are all here to enjoy the outdoors and push our limits.”

How To Help

If you love the off road community as much as we do, we are looking for volunteers to help us with our desert clean-up/race track development. But the best way to contribute to the off road community is to welcome everyone into it. After all, “the off road life is the only life”, according to our founder.

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