Colorado Trophy Truck Racer: Andrew Blood

Colorado Trophy Truck Racer: Andrew Blood

May, 6th, 2019 at 2:11 pm

It’s about time that we introduce the heartbeat of this whole operation: Andrew Blood. Andy is our Colorado Trophy Truck Driver. He is the passion and the will power that gets the trucks assembled and the team to the race track. Of course, our truck is pretty amazing, but our trophy truck driver is what makes it happen.

A Little Bit About Andy

Andy was born in Nucla, Colorado in 1979. He grew up playing baseball and wrestling. From a plethora of cousins to a devoted mother, Andy lived in a safe, happy home.

In 2006, after attending the electrical linemen school in Grand Junction, Andy was climbing a pole when it fell over, resulting in paralysis. The pole was rotten at the base. A long legal battle followed, but in 2012, Andy took a deep breath and moved into the next stage of his life.

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2012, Andy met his wife Sara. They fell in love over green beer in a crowded bar. Not only did companionship quickly blossom, they quickly established themselves as astute entrepreneurs. They founded the non-profit Blood Brothers Foundation which provides vehicle modifications for those living with a physical disability, Runnit CNC which is a Colorado manufacturing shop, and, of course, Runnit Racing. They work with a team of people that forms a small family across all of their organizations.

Last month, they celebrated their nine year anniversary with a vacation in Kauai.

Looking towards the future, Sara and Andy are going to start a family.

Andy as a Colorado Trophy Truck Driver

The first time that Andy got in an off-road vehicle was 2015. It was like “a floating couch going down the road at 100mph. It was pure excitement.”

Andy has since competed in the Mint 400, NORRA 1000, the Blue Water Desert Challenge, and Laughland Desert Classic. He won 3rd place in the Blue Water Desert Challenge in the Sportsman’s Class. Races are “the most adrenaline I’ve ever experienced. You’re on a high for like three days. When I got from the NORRA 1000, I was exhausted. You go out for five days. You’re up all night and then off the line early in the morning. It’s exhilarating.”

In the future, he has set his sights on more races like the NORRA 1000 and Mint 400.

Andy is a Coloradan who lives the thrill of adventure. He is our trophy truck driver.

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Runnit Racing in partnership with Blood Brothers foundation is building a Race & Test Track to facilitate the Blood Brothers Foundation driving program.

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